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You may find the following information useful when planning a trip to the UK or during a visit.

The United Kingdom, abbreviated as UK, is composed of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Great Britain, abbreviated as GB, is composed as of England, Wales and Scotland. The capital city of the United Kingdom and England is London. The capital city of Wales is Cardiff, of Scotland is Edinburgh and of Northern Ireland is Belfast.

The UK is a richly diversified multi cultural society, particularly in the larger towns and cities and especially in London.

Although the predominant religion is Christianity, all major world religions are represented and tolerated.

Pork meat is widely available and often mixed with other meats in pre-processed food. Be sure to check ingredients if this is a potential issue.

Cigarettes and tobacco products are very expensive in the UK. The minimum age for purchasing such products is 16 (due to rise to 18 in 2007). An increasing number of public buildings and offices are now non-smoking. The minimum age for purchasing alcohol is 18. The consumption of alcohol is very popular.

People drive on the left in the UK.

The UK operates on British Summer Time (BST) between the last Sunday in March and the last Sunday in October and Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) at other times. Clocks go forward 1 hour in March and back 1 hour in October.

The UK uses a distinctive three pin plug and the mains voltage is 240V.


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