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National Express

Whilst in the UK you may wish to visit locations outside London and we have suggested some destinations in our Photo Gallery. In this section we describe the public transport links between London and other destinations throughout the UK.


The railway network in the UK is relatively poor by western European standards and can be extremely expensive with a vast and bewildering array of ticket options. However, When covering longer distances it is generally faster and more comfortable than coach travel.

Trains fall into two broad classes: InterCity and Regional, which effectively become local commuter services as they approach large cities. There are also a number of special services such as the Airport Express services discussed on our International Travel pages.

Intercity trains connect the major cities in the UK. These high speed trains generally make limited stops and often have on-board catering facilities but not always. Tickets can be purchased on the day of travel from any station subject to availability but it is best to book as far in advance as possible to secure cheaper seats. When booking in advance a reservation is included in the price. Intercity services can be particularly busy around the Christmas and Easter periods and on Fridays, when reservations are advised.

Regional services usually connect large cities and make multiple stops at intermediate stations. Tickets for one-off journeys are usually purchased on the day of travel from the departure station and reservations are not usually available. If a journey is to be repeated daily it is often possible to purchase a season ticket which offers a significant saving compared to the purchase price of individual tickets. These services can be very overcrowded especially during the peak rush hours on journeys into and out of the major cities.

For further information on timetabling and prices visit the National Rail Enquiries website. Advance tickets can be purchased on-line through the Trainline website.



The number of coach companies with a national schedule is surprisingly limited although there are a larger number of regional operators who specialise in journeys to specific destinations.

Coach travel is generally cheaper than travelling by train especially for longer journeys. Seats are usually sold with a reservation but it is not generally possible to book specific seats on a coach. If you have specific needs such as a group of seats together it is best to arrive early at the departure point to ensure the best choice. Refreshments are not usually provided or sold on-board, however, long distance coaches generally have a break en route. There are no on-board stewards but most coaches have an on-board toilet.

National Express: National Express is by far the largest coach operator with services to most major towns and cities within the UK. Tickets can be booked in advance at National Express coach stations or many high street agents. Tickets for immediate travel can also be purchased from departure stations subject to available space.

For timetable information or to book tickets on-line visit the National Express website. Tickets purchased on-line can be posted to addresses within the UK or picked up at larger coach stations.

Megabus: The Megabus network is significantly smaller than the National Express network but does cover most of the major cities. Tickets can only be purchased on-line and are self printed. Ticket prices can be very cheap even compared to National Express.

For timetable information or to book tickets on-line visit the Megabus website.



Internal flights in the UK used to be very expensive but with the advent of budget airline travel prices have reduced in recent years and are now competitive with InterCity rail prices. Remember when considering flights as a means of travelling throughout the country to take into account the costs and journey times to/from the airport and airport check in times. In many cases the overall time saving will be minimal.

For timetable information or to book tickets on-line visit the British Airways website.


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